We believe in promoting the dignity of international protection seekers and refugees as a path to common good. We are not afraid of diversity, rather we consider it an asset, and we believe there are many opportunities to “give a hand”.

Who are the volunteers at Popoli Insieme?
They are people of every creed who have chosen to share with a help people in need; volunteering has brought countless people together over the years, many of whom still serve today in order to help international protection seekers and migrants, even if life has taken them physically far from our Association.

From accompanying them in learning Italian during the first welcoming to evenings at the Center during the second welcoming, from awareness-raising events to recreational events, the presence of volunteers is priceless for the people we host.

Their value is in the motivation they carry out their tasks with, in their desire to serve the guests and their natural ability to listen to those, who, fleeing war and persecution, first of all need support and understanding.

How can you become a volunteer?
The first step is to fill out the form on the right or write to the adetoni@popolinsieme.eu to set up an appointment.

Then come to the interview to understand how we work and the volunteer opportunities at Popoli Insieme; this meeting is also important for us to get to know each other and understand motivations, expectations, attitudes and the time you can give.

We are here and …we are waiting for you!!