Our team

Our team is made up of volunteers and multidisciplinary operators.


Popoli Insieme counts on the crucial contribution from volunteers to carry out its activities. These volunteers are active in welcoming as well as training projects and raising awareness.

Volunteers in welcoming deal with coordinating the operators’ work into some specific areas, including support in learning Italian and studies in general, looking for a job and recreational-sports events and socializing.

It is important for us to start from the volunteers’ aspirations and inclinations to define together the most useful way to join and serve the large family that is Popoli Insieme. Only a content volunteer will be able to work effectively with our guests!

Volunteers and operators work together for a sole purpose, which is the recipients’ wellbeing and social integration: they work in close contact, keeping each other updated on the different dynamics established, progress and obstacles encountered along the way, changing needs, etc. The contribution volunteers make is essential for our guests, who find – thanks to them and in them – precious help, a friendly face, a stable presence in a living situation where stability is non-existent.

The contribution of volunteers is also fundamental to further the various training and awareness initiatives. Volunteers and operators create the right mix to make projects efficacious.

Finally, the Executive Board of the Association, as set forth in their bylaws, is entirely made up of volunteers.


The operators, pursuant to laws governing volunteer organizations, are professionals and specialize activities carried out by the Association. Our team has a multidisciplinary background, composed of social operators trained in different areas (educational sciences, psychology, human rights, linguistic mediation, sociology) with different competences and experience (first and foremost, long periods of volunteer work in Italy and abroad), plus a coordinator and a cultural mediator. According to needs, the team relies on professional translators, psychologists and lawyers.

We meet at least once a week to share experiences and perplexities, assess issues and find possible solutions, carrying out in-depth analyses of our guests’ situations, as both individuals and groups, starting with their strengths to articulate tailor-made paths with everyone.

The weekly team meeting allows agreeing on how to work in the most uniform way possible, in line with the Association’s bylaws and capable of giving the utmost support to recipients. Therefore, our work follows a sole path, yet at the same time, it profits from the different training of each team member, therefore it can give a different contribution to the group.

The team also finds the best way to bring out the volunteers’ value, matching their aspirations and abilities with the guests’ real needs.