We believe in

Reciprocal Enrichment

Our association aims to reach true integration among people and a reciprocal enrichment from contact with numerous and different cultures. In order to achieve this goal, the first step is to distance fear and stereotypes, in particular of those we consider “foreign”.

Through our daily work in welcoming centers, we would like to show, even to the most diffident people, that welcoming is not just an effort but also a joy and that it is possible to build a friendship based on respect for others’ dignity and the shared aspiration for a happy life. Only when this idea has taken root in the hearts and minds of the most reticent people will we start to see the end to countless injustices many are forced to endure. In fact, we are speaking about people who have lived unbearable situations, victims of torture, people forced to flee their native land because they are persecuted, people who need concrete help, as well as open arms and hearts, to start again.

However, these people, unfortunately, are often marginalized in Italy due to their origin, personal past and the color of their skin. We believe that all human beings have the same dignity, the same right to a house, job and family. We feel that religion, skin color, culture and language are elements that characterize each of us and that diversity can be a source of reciprocal enrichment, an everlasting source of beauty for the world. Consequently, we do our best to create a world where “different” no longer frightens, instead it is recognized as an asset and therefore enhanced. We would like people to open their eyes to the suffering that leads many people to flee their countries. We would like to reach an empathetic understanding of others, which is achieved only when we stop and truly reflect, trying to put ourselves in their shoes.