Training course for volunteers

Years of work in the field of migration gave us the opportunity to work alongside expert figures. This helped us to grow as organization. Starting from the relations we have been establishing and what we experience every day on “the field”, we offer educational pathways for volunteers with migrants, especially asylum seekers and refugees.

Ever since 2004, we offer a Training course for volunteers in services for migrant and asylum seekers once a year.

The goal of the course is to draw near potential volunteers to the scope of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. During the ten modules, participants have the chance to learn how to face the particular needs of these people, during their reception and further, in a professional way. The educational pathway is open to everyone who wants to get a deeper knowledge of these topics and, for those who are already working in the immigration field, this course might represent a chance of continuing education and awareness.

The course usually takes place in the first months of the year (January-April) and it is made up of ten modules where the migration phenomenon is squared off from different perspectives thanks to the contribution of expert lecturers.

In the past years more than 1000 people took part to our training course, with their will to be next migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the most efficient way.

The course takes place in Centro Antonianum, Prato della Valle 56, Padova.

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