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A more welcoming community, where every story and perspective have the right to be heard, can be built only through intercultural education, by promoting dialogue and mutual connections.

This is the reason why, for almost twenty years, our social workers, volunteers and witnesses have been visiting many local schools and have structured educational pathways on these topics: human rights, childhood rights, identity and diversity, migrations, international protection and asylum right.

We address schools of every degree and we plan a specific educational pathway according to age and needs of the students in agreement with the teachers. Our aim is to get to a deeper knowledge of the topics through playful and group activities, fostering exchange, reciprocity and critical gaze.

Recent projects:

Ever since 2002 Popoli Insieme has been promoting the project “Finestre – Refugees stories” to the schools in the territory of Padua and Rovigo.
Based on an idea by Fondazione Centro Astalli, the workshop aims to promote debate on migrations and asylum right especially among youngsters and students. This happens through a direct encounter with a refugee who tells his story to class. Before getting to listen to his or her witness, the class learns something more about forced migrations and asylum right though data and statistics, in order to contextualize the story.

During these workshops, the main role is played by the witness of a holder of international protection, a person who lived through the experience of forced migration, cause by war and violence. Normally, the witnesses who help us in these workshops have lived in Italy, in Padua, for several years and are now able to tell their story without suffering. Through the years we have seen how this experience can be powerful and meaningful for the students, that have the chance to overcome stereotypes and prejudices and look at migration from a different perspective.

In 2020 we were able to reach 16 schools and more than 12 students, who had the chance to listen to the witnesses of 5 refugees from Syria, Togo, Gambia and Afghanistan.

You can support the intercultural educational pathways and help us reach more schools and students!

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