Arrupe Project: applications are open for 2023/24!

In the last years finding a room for rent in Padua, at an affordable price, has become a real challenge especially for foreign and refugee students. The Arrupe Project, created to respond to this need and to accompany refugee students in an inclusion path in Padova, is back for the academic year 2023/24! Send your application by July 10th!

The University of Padua attracts many students from all over the world, including refugees. Many of them have the chance to study in Italy with a scholarship but, once arrived here, they have to face big challenges: to rent an apartment – or a room – has become very difficult over the past years. This is due to a real lack of rooms and renting solutions, but also to the landlords’ general reluctance towards foreign customers. In the last two years Associazione Popoli Insieme has engaged in an important exchange with the Student Residences of Padua. A new idea was born from this collaboration: to include some refugee students in these facilities, so that they can share their everyday life with Italian students.

In the last academic year, five students were involved in the project. These students were either refugees or people coming from vulnerable situations. Arrupe aims to support students in different ways (home, education and community life) and this is fundamental for the university experience in general. To study in a happy context and with the necessary support represents for them a life changing opportunity. It is an investment for their and our future.

Living together means sharing lives

Through the “Arrupe Project” we want to keep on supporting refugee students in their inclusion path by granting them an affordable room, thanks to the collaboration of several Student Residences.

What we offer

  • 8 rooms/beds in the Students Residences Centro Antonianum, Collegio Don Mazza, Residenza universitaria familiare Marilena e Gabriella
  • 12 months discounted rental agreement with a monthly contribution of 200,00/250,00 €
  • Training, education and common life path, constant monitoring of the cohabitation process

The project addresses to

Refugee students or students coming from vulnerable situations who must:

  • be regularly enrolled to the University of Padua or Venice for the academic year 2023/2024
  • have the financial means to pay the discounted monthly rent requested by the residence
  • have a basic knowledge of the Italian language
  • be available to embark on a community life and educational experience

How to apply

Send an e-mail to by July 10th and don’t forget to attach:

  •  a copy of your residence permit
  • your Curriculum Vitae
  • a brief cover letter (max 400 words)
  • certificate of enrollment at University for the academic year 2023/24

Find out more on the project, requirements and deadlines.

For more info contact

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