Training course for volunteers on services for migrants and international asylum seekers

Every year our Association offers citizens a training course for potential volunteers in services dedicated to migrants and international protection seekers. The course is divided into ten sessions led by university professors, experts in the field and social operators involved in the services for migrants and international protection seekers. The sessions cover various aspects of the migratory phenomenon and aim to provide basic training, as complete as possible, to future volunteers.

Instead, for volunteers already active in the sector, the course is an occasion to refresh and gain further awareness of the issue. The topics usually dealt with include legal status and the process for international protection seekers, from their arrival in Italy until their meeting with the Territorial Commission and a possible appeal in court, the services in the territory, support systems, religious diversity in Italy, access to the healthcare system, the role of communications and the mass media in dealing with the topic of immigration. 

The course is offered at the Centro Antonianum, Prato della Valle 56, Padua.


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